Swidget wins two CE Pro BEST Awards at CEDIA 2022: Most Promising and Best Wellness

Swidget wins two CE Pro BEST Awards at CEDIA 2022: Most Promising and Best Wellness

Innovative Modular Smart-home Solutions Manufacturer Takes Home Top Honors in the Most Promising and Best Wellness Categories.

Dallas, TX – September 29th, 2022 – Swidget is excited to announce that the company has won two CE Pro BEST Awards at the 2022 CEDIA Expo. In a strategic partnership, Swidget and Panasonic earned first place in the Best Wellness category with a unique solution to address indoor air quality with smart ventilation. Swidget also secured the Most Promising award with its ground-breaking video camera insert, a miniaturized HD camera that can be installed into Swidget switches and receptacles. Adding to an impressive list of awards in the last few years, Swidget showcases the tremendous value it’s modular and futureproof solutions bring to the smart-home and home automation markets.

Most Promising Award

Innovation has been in Swidget’s DNA from the moment the modular concept was conceived and since then, we’ve strived to push the envelope. With its unveiling at CEDIA Expo 2022, Swidget’s HD Video Camera Insert will disrupt the way a video camera can be integrated into a smart-home or business. CEDIA recognized this innovative achievement and awarded Swidget with the Most Promising Award for its step forward in the miniaturization and integration of security and monitoring cameras.

“Swidget has always been focused on addressing customer pain points. Traditionally, those pain points were focused on aesthetics, interoperability, and convenience. With our new wireless camera insert, we have continued to address those concerns by offering exciting new capabilities in the uniquely Swidget form factor.” Swidget Co-Founder, and COO, Chris Adamson.

As with all Swidget Inserts, the tiny camera packs a big punch by allowing a highly capable video sensor to be embedded within an electrical wiring device. The device does not contribute to room clutter, as is the case with unsightly surface top devices, nor does it have wires to be hidden behind furniture. Moreover, the camera interfaces with its host outlet or switch to provide control and power monitoring capabilities for the device that houses it. Available in early 2023, the Swidget HD Video Camera insert will offer a flexible and unobtrusive way to keep an eye on your pets, your loved ones, and your home.

Best Wellness Award

Panasonic partnered with Swidget to offer a complete smart ventilation solution. The synergy between Panasonic’s high efficiency ventilation products and Swidget’s modular and comprehensive wiring devices and inserts can solve indoor air problems that often cannot be seen, making your indoor air quality solution flexible and adaptable to any living space. With the 2022 CE Pro Best Wellness Award, Swidget and Panasonic secures the lead in smart-home ventilation and offers the first set-it-and-forget-it purification & circulation, heating & cooling, and ventilation & filtration solution in the industry.

“Through the pandemic, we turned our attention to solving the wellness and air quality issues that have become so relevant to the times and are delighted to be able to offer the end-to-end IAQ solution that we have developed with our partners at Panasonic.” Swidget Co-Founder, and COO, Chris Adamson.

About Swidget:

Swidget manufactures the only modular, futureproof wiring devices on the market. When paired with Swidget Inserts, users can benefit from access to energy consumption, motion, air quality, or room temperature data. Swidget smart devices not only detect and report unfavorable conditions but can activate appliances like bathroom fans or ERVs to mitigate those issues. With newly available integrations for Control 4 and Home Assistant, as well as a local API for custom development, Swidget provides smart solutions for IAQ, ventilation, energy management, lighting, and more.

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