Mike Holmes on Swidget Smart Controls for Air Quality

Mike Holmes on Swidget Smart Controls for Air Quality

Whether you’re looking for a simple or whole home system, adding Swidget smart controls to a wide range of ventilation and air conditioning solutions can solve indoor air problems that often cannot be seen, making your indoor air quality solution flexible and adaptable to any living space.

That's why Swidget and Panasonic are working together to provide a ONE OF A KIND smart solution to indoor air problems. Here's Mike Holmes on what he loves about Swidget Smart Controls.

By incorporating the Swidget 20/40/60 Control Switch + Wi-Fi Air Quality Sensor with your home’s ERV, we can automatically help you:

  • Enjoy fresher air that contributes to the health of both body and mind,
  • Efficiently provide the optimum indoor environment for comfort, and
  • Control your ventilation eco-system using temperature/humidity and air quality data. 

Swidget has partnered with Panasonic to provide smart control of their world class ventilation products. As such, Swidget devices can be paired with most of Panasonic's portfolio of ventilation solutions, including its renowned Whisper ventilation fans and its advanced energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), creating a complete smart home ventilation eco-system.

With a local API and new integrations like Control 4 and Home Assistant, Swidget can enable solutions almost limitless solutions in Smart Ventilation, and so much more.

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