Swidget for Builders and Landlords

Swidget for Builders and Landlords

It’s well known that builders and landlords are seeing a surging demand from buyers and renters for intuitive and easy to use smart home systems. It is also well known that keeping up with changing technologies and choosing among them can be overwhelming. Where Swidget shines is that it can be so many things and fit so many requirements. Let us work with your customers to determine why Swidget is the best fit for their project and how we can market to your customer’s customers: the home buyer or tenant. This article will focus on how Swidget solves many of the challenges that builders and landlords face when it comes to choosing a smart home solution.

Challenges of Smart Home Tech for Builders and Landlords

Choosing Technology

With the seemingly unlimited smart home technologies available it is hard to make a choice on behalf of your future buyers or tenants. It’s difficult to know if they prefer Google Assistant over Alexa, Wi-Fi over Z-Wave, or even if they prefer a USB Charger beside their couch or an Air Quality Sensor.


There’s no question that the expectation for Smart home technology is increasing and, not only are the choices overwhelming, the investment typically required to outfit your property can be substantial.

Tenant Installed Devices

Even though the demand for smart technology is strong, tenants are hesitant to install all but the simplest of devices. In general, landlords require their permission to make significant changes to a property and, even when permission is given, tenants avoid upgrades because it would be a waste to leave them behind when they move.

Privacy Concerns

Even when smart home technology is already included in a rental or prebuilt into a home, your renters and buyers may worry about who has access to those devices.

Swidget Solution

Technology Agnostic

Swidget takes away the fear of choosing the wrong system. Once the base devices have been installed, they don’t care with which type of Swidget Insert they are connected. Homeowners and tenants are able to choose and purchase Inserts based on their personal preferences and are able to upgrade or change their technology easily.

Smart Home Ready

Instead of choosing, installing, and setting up an expensive technology solution, builders and landlords can install a variety of Swidget base devices and make their spaces smart home ready.

Buyer/Tenant Chooses The Technology

Swidget removes a tenant’s reluctance to install hard to remove technology. The Swidget base devices have already been provided and the tenant can easily install whatever technology they choose. When the tenant decides to move, they simply remove the Inserts and use them in their next home. And because the tenant owns the Inserts and connects them to their account, there is no fear that their privacy is being invaded.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Swidget marketing team can create custom layouts and packages for your customers? Whether your customer is a small home builder looking to differentiate from their competition or a large development company working on a multi unit rental project that wants to offer a modular, future-proof smart home system for prospective tenants, Swidget is here to help.

Contact Us to learn more about Swidget’s Custom Floor Designs and Package Plans.

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