After having been installed according to your local electrical code and by a certified electrician when applicable, and having been used within normal operating conditions, Swidget Corp. will repair or replace (at Swidget’s discretion) any product that fails due to manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years for Swidget Devices and for a period of 2 years for Swidget Inserts (see chart below). Any repair or replacement of defective products will extend the warranty by 90 days or the time remaining on the original warranty, whichever is longer. Post warranty repairs are not available.

Swidget shall not be held liable under this warranty for reasonable wear and tear, or damage(s) caused by the following: misuse, neglect, improper installation, abnormal operating conditions, unauthorized modifications or attempts to repair the product.

Any claims to Swidget made under this warranty shall not exceed the cost of the repairs or replacement of the product.

This warranty applies only to Swidget products purchased from an authorized distributor or retailer, and as such, Swidget reserves the right to request proof of purchase, and reject claims for purchases made through unauthorized distributors or retailers.

Please direct warranty claims to Swidget Corp. by telephone at 1-855-202-1144, email at with subject Warranty Claim, or via mail at:

Swidget Corp.

35 Terry Fox Drive, Unit 201

Kingston, ON K7M 8N4


Each warranty return must be accompanied by a completed Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form provided by Swidget Customer Service.

Product Description 5 Year Term 2 Year Term
R1015SWA 15A Outlet
R1020SWA 20A Outlet
SD3001WA Dimmer Switch
S16001WA 1P/3-Way Switch
S16008WA 20-40-60 Control Switch
S16009WA Auxiliary Control Switch
WI000UWA Wi-Fi Control
WI001UWA Wi-Fi Control + USB
WI002UWA Wi-Fi Control + Guide Light
WI003UWA Wi-Fi Control + Power Out Light
WI004UWA Wi-Fi Control + Motion
WI005UWA Wi-Fi Control + Temperature and Humidity
WI006UWA Wi-Fi Control + Temperature, Humidity, and Motion
WI008UWA Wi-Fi Control + Air Quality