Swidget named a 2023 Green Builder Sustainable Product of the Year

Swidget named a 2023 Green Builder Sustainable Product of the Year

Swidget is honored to be recognized as a Sustainable Product of the Year in Green Builder’s March-April 2023 Issue.

Swidget stands out as a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for modern homes, due to its innovative design and its eco-friendly features. Swidget's modular system allows for easy customization and upgrades of Inserts without the need to replace wiring devices, reducing waste and creating a sustainable and flexible smart solution. Additionally, its smart home capabilities enable homeowners to optimize energy consumption, leading to reduced carbon footprints and lower utility bills. By emphasizing sustainability and resource efficiency, Swidget contributes significantly to creating greener and more environmentally responsible living spaces.

Green Builder Award

This remarkable accolade recognizes Swidget's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and its substantial contributions to promoting eco-friendly practices within the construction and home automation industries.

Green Builder Magazine has been a trusted authority in the field of sustainable building and design for over two decades. The magazine's annual Sustainable Product of the Year award is highly coveted and reserved for products that showcase exceptional environmental responsibility, technological advancement, and overall positive impact on the planet. Swidget's recognition as a 2023 Green Builder Sustainable Product of the Year reinforces its position as a trailblazer in the green builder industry.

About Swidget

Swidget manufactures the only modular, futureproof wiring devices on the market. When paired with Swidget Inserts, users can benefit from access to energy consumption, motion, air quality, or room temperature data. Swidget smart devices not only detect and report unfavorable conditions but can activate appliances like bathroom fans, ERVs, and other appliances to mitigate those issues.

With Control4, Nice Home Management (formerly known as ELAN), and Home Assistant integrations available, as well as a local API for custom development, Swidget provides smart solutions for IAQ, ventilation, energy management, lighting, and more.

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