Swidget Unveils New Z-Wave Smart Inserts at 2023 CEDIA Expo

Swidget Unveils New Z-Wave Smart Inserts at 2023 CEDIA Expo

Global leader in modular smart home technology, Swidget, is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Z-Wave smart Inserts. With a focus on enhancing home automation experiences, Swidget now offers Z-Wave versions of its award-winning Convenience and Sensor Inserts, expanding connectivity options for integrators and homeowners. This expansion in protocol options empowers integrators and homeowners to choose the best-suited connectivity for their needs, ensuring seamless integration of Swidget's innovative technology into their homes.

Recognizing the demand for reliable and secure protocols, Swidget's Z-Wave 800 series smart Inserts provide extended range, exceptional reliability, and reduced interference, ensuring seamless control of smart devices in any home size or layout. Integrators can now deliver future-proof solutions, effortlessly integrating Swidget's technology into existing Z-Wave ecosystems. Additionally, all Swidget Z-Wave enabled devices function as Z-Wave repeaters, simplifying installation and expanding smart home systems' flexibility.

Swidget’s Z-Wave Inserts are now available for purchase by homeowners on our shop. Builders, integrators, and other pro channel customers can place orders directly at pro@swidget.com.

About Swidget:
Swidget is revolutionizing the way people interact with their homes, through their wide range of wiring devices and modular Inserts. With innovative solutions like the video camera smart Insert, Swidget offers unparalleled safety, security, and convenience. Visit www.swidget.com or contact sales@swidget.com to learn more.

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