How it works

1. Install your Device
2. Snap in your chosen Insert
3. Control your Smart Home

Our future proof design keeps pace with rapidly changing technology.

Today it’s Wi-Fi and Z-Wave, tomorrow it’s 5G and Wi-Fi 6. Swidget’s unique, patented design separates the base device (Outlet or Switch) from the modular smart control Insert so you can easily upgrade your functionality as new technologies emerge or your needs change. No need to call an electrician to install a new device, just snap in your new Insert.

Swidget gives you control and endless functionality in a snap.

Control freaks rejoice! The ability to control your smart device is a standard feature in all Swidget Inserts. You can add further functionality by simply snapping in one of our smart home Inserts including a USB Charger, Guide Light, Air Quality Sensor, Motion Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor and more. With new Inserts always in development, the possibilities are endless!

Swidget empowers you with real-time knowledge and energy use insights.

Save money while saving the environment! Use the Swidget app to monitor and display your power consumption from our Outlets and Switches accurately and in real-time. Swidget is the only smart device that can use its energy use insights to provide notification alerts such as: Over Limit Consumption, Lost Connection, Power Out, and more.

Swidget’s minimalist design adds technology not clutter.

All great examples of minimalist design have one thing in common, they combine excellent utility and great aesthetics. Swidget’s sleek design makes cluttered counter tops and overloaded outlets a thing of the past. Simply snap your desired Insert into your Swidget Outlet or Switch and hide your smart home technology in plain sight.

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Jonathan Boehman
Future proof your smart home
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Easy installation according to my electrician. The nice thing is that now I can swap out the module between the plugs for whatever I want—without having to shut off the fuse or call an electrician. When technology changes, there’s no need for a new plug—just grab a new module and switch it out yourself!
B. Sweet
Smart plug that doesn't look smart
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Smart plug that doesn't look smart. I just received my Swidget outlet and Wifi insert from backing the product on Kickstarter. I received three of them and have installed one so far. Was easy to install, as easy as a single pole smart light switch. Setting up an account was a breeze. Linking the device to the network was a breeze. Getting the device into Google assistant was a breeze.
This product is awesome
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This product is really cool and I love it! It works just fine!
Christian de Looper Business Insider
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Swidget is well worth buying. We liked the amount of smart home control currently offered, plus it's nice to be able to have features like a night-light or USB charger built right into an outlet — which aren't options with other smart outlets.
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Such an easy installation!! Love the clean look --- no extra stuff to clutter things up. WIFI Swidget App works great -- nicely done!
Philip Vesely
Great product to maximize wasted space
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Great product - the outlet maximizes the wasted space between plugs and you can modify what goes there with the various inserts. I will be buying many more!
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Installs just like any outlet - quick and easy. Also got it with the wifi control insert which made my analog air conditioner work like a smart device cause I can control it from my phone now.
Geoffrey Adamson
Smart Home made easy
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I've now installed 8 of the wifi outlets and absolutely love them. Easy installation. Looking forward to the new inserts. Motion sensors and video are at the top of my list.
Lyle Peniston
Great smart home product
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I love the flexibility of the Swidget. It’s easy to install and set up and the inserts are simple to swap out. I look forward to development of more inserts and plan on purchasing more.
Jordan Druber9to5Toys
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With its impressive customization, the Swidget Configurable Smart Outlet opens up a world of possibilities in a smart home.

See for yourself.

Swidget’s virtual demo studio gives you the opportunity to take control and experience first-hand how using Swidget products can easily turn your house into an energy efficient Smart Home!