Swidget wins 2022 Integrated Home Competition award

Swidget wins 2022 Integrated Home Competition award

Swidget has won the Centre for Energy Efficiency’s 2022 Integrated Home Competition. The Integrated Home Competition identifies and supports newly available products that will help achieve this vision of a comfortable, convenient, connected home.

The Competition promotes connected devices and systems for homes that meet consumer expectations in terms of interoperability, reliability, and simplicity of use with an emphasis on delivering energy and demand savings. The judges felt that “Swidget Smart Controls were a comprehensive system with a lot of options for how you can use the controls and modules.”

About Swidget

Swidget’s product offering includes a multitude of Outlets, Switches, and sensing Inserts capable of interacting with other smart products. These products form the backbone of a configurable, intelligent system, for monitoring, assessing, and optimizing a home’s environment.

Additionally, Swidget devices monitor power consumption accurately and in real-time. These energy-use insights provide important notification alerts giving users the power to understand and reduce their energy consumption.

Swidget’s Smart Controls monitor VOCs, pressure, temperature, humidity, and other components that contribute to Air Quality. When paired with ventilation equipment like a bathroom fan or an ERV, they can automatically respond to unfavorable conditions and activate appropriate mitigations. Given its smart capabilities, the HVAC system can be integrated into the whole-home smart ecosystem, thereby reducing energy use, as well as providing a comfortable, healthier home.

With newly available integrations for Control 4 and Home Assistant, as well as a local API for custom development, Swidget provides smart solutions for IAQ, ventilation, energy management, lighting, and much more.

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