Swidget Vacant Property Monitoring

Remotely monitor properties and get real time alerts

A Smart Solution That Adapts with your Property

Swidget’s modular technology allows you to adapt your solution through every stage of your rental unit’s property lifecycle.


Detect and Protect

Swiftly detect suspicious activity and take immediate action to protect your properties and investments.

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Portable Solutions

With removable cameras and motion sensors, you can easily take your property monitoring kit from one vacant property to the next.

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Customize the Smart Experience for Tenants

Add value for tenants by installing new smart sensors into the property’s existing Swidget devices.

Real-time alerts and a customized dashboard

Receive real-time alerts of motion and suspicious activity in your properties via text, email, or on your custom property monitoring dashboard. Stream live video so you can assess the situation, and capture video evidence of unwarranted activity.

Scalable, portable, pay-by-use solutions

Swidget’s goal is to provide you with the most flexible solution possible. Customize your monitoring kits, and easily scale your solution so you can manage dozens or hundreds of properties from your dashboard. We eliminate the need for lengthy security contracts because you only pay for active monitoring.

Modular sensors for a customized smart home experience

Once tenants move into your property, simply remove the camera and motion sensors from the installed Swidget outlets and switches. Now your property is smart-ready, and gives tenants the ability to purchase and use the Swidget smart sensors that meet their needs.

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