Streamline your home automation using Swidget's Z-Wave technology

Unlock the potential of your smart home products by joining Swidget's control and monitoring capabilities to your favourite Z-Wave environment.

Designed for the world of IoT



Your Z-Wave devices will create a secure and reliable mesh network that won’t suffer from interference from household appliances or devices on your Wi-Fi network.

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Protected by 128-bit encryption, once your devices are paired to your hub they are safe from security attacks.

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With more than 20 command classes like humidity, air quality, energy and more, Swidget Z-Wave products are the technology that brings your home to life.

Made for beginners and expert home automation enthusiasts alike

Swidget Z-Wave products can be used for simple local or remote control, lighting scenes, and scheduling as well as more complex automations and integration with multiple brands.

Drivers for Home Assistant, with more on the way

Swidget continually strives for true platform independence and is dedicated to growing its library of supported integrations. Our Z-Wave Home Assistant driver is currently undergoing certification and is available for evaluation as pre-certified drivers. If you are interested in testing the integration before its full release, please contact us.

Modular, Future-proof, and Platform Agnostic

Swidget strives to give its customers the most flexible smart home system. Our products already work with Wi-Fi and now with our new Z-Wave versions, upgrading or switching systems is as simple as removing the Insert and replacing it with a new one. No electrician required.

Try it for yourself

Swidget offers a wide range of smart-ready wiring devices. Add an Insert to control remotely, monitor power, set schedules, and much more.

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