Build a home with today’s technology, but ready for tomorrow’s

Install modular Smart Ready wiring devices and let home owners, installers, or service providers customize the technology.

Smart Home Controls

Install Smart Ready modular wiring devices and populate them with the technology that will bring a home to life.

Familiar Installation

There are no surprises with Swidget Smart Ready wiring devices since they are installed exactly like traditional switches and outlets.

Inspire Your Clients

Empower your sales personnel with Swidget marketing resources to inform and inspire your clients.

Limitless Technology

Simple enough to work with Alexa or Google Assistant, but capable of integrating with more complex control systems.

Wiring devices built like your home - to last

Swidget products are  developed with an adherence to the highest manufacturing, data privacy, and cybersecurity standards.  With a full product lineup of Smart Ready wiring devices like our Smart 20A Outlets and 20/40/60 Dry Contact Switch, Swidget is the perfect choice for your next build. 

Out of the box Smart Control

Install an air quality insert into an HRV (timer switch), and the system will automatically start monitoring and controlling humidity and air quality issues. Install a motion sensor in a light switch – automatic occupancy/vacancy functions come to life. Of course, these can all be edited through the app after network setup, but it works out the box, just as you would expect.

Choose not to choose

It’s hard enough for buyers to envision exactly how they’ll arrange their home, without forcing decisions on exactly what furniture goes where. Let them kick that decision down the road, and customize their system when it makes sense

Eco-friendly design and energy savings

Swidget receptacles and switches are installed Smart Ready and can be easily upgraded when technology changes without having to remove the base device. Did we mention that they can monitor energy use and help save you money? Choose Swidget for your next project! 

The most versatile smart devices ever

Customers can easily upgrade their wiring devices when technology changes without having to pay an electrician to install a new device. Swidget keeps pace with rapidly changing technology, so you don’t have to.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to our team and discover more about how Swidget products can easily turn a house into an energy efficient Smart Home!