The Future of Renting: 3 Ways to Transform your Single-Family Rental Properties with Smart Technology

The Future of Renting: 3 Ways to Transform your Single-Family Rental Properties with Smart Technology

In today's rapidly evolving real estate landscape, the integration of smart technology is revolutionizing the way we think about renting homes. At the forefront of this transformation is Swidget’s innovative smart technology that is not only enhancing the security and efficiency of single-family rental units, but also improving the overall living experience for tenants.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 main benefits of upgrading your rental properties with Swidget’s flexible, cost-effective smart solutions.

Protecting your assets

It’s all over the news and headlines, the SFR industry is under attack by squatters and trespassers taking advantage of vacant properties. Metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas are hotspots for such activity but no city is immune to this threat. Government and legislation is slowly catching up to the needs of the industry, but the key to reducing squatting, and saving thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, is being able to catch the perpetrators before they get settled in and to have proof they are there without permission.

Smart technology provides an opportunity to monitor vacant properties in a cost-effective way. Swidget’s portable Vacant Property Monitoring solution utilizes discrete HD video cameras and motion sensors that provide real-time alerts and visuals of suspicious activity. The modularity of the solution gives you the flexibility to adapt or customize the layout of sensors to each of your properties and to move it from vacant property to vacant property. Once the property is leased, simply remove the video camera and motion sensor Inserts and install them in the next vacant property, leaving behind a smart-ready home for your new tenants.

Enhancing your tenant experience

According to, 82% of renters want at least one smart device in their home and renters are willing to pay more for smart home technology in their rental.

There is little debate that tenants don’t want or appreciate smart home technology in their rental home; it has become an expectation rather than a luxury, nice-to-have amenity. The question is what types of hardware do they want or will benefit them the most? Unfortunately, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all,’ given that each tenant is unique and therefore wants something different. The solution? Offer a smart-ready home that is customizable by the tenant with no extra cost or effort to you!

Smart thermostats and door locks are standard smart home offerings, but what about the plethora of other smart technology? Swidget’s innovative design allows you to offer a smart-ready home with the flexibility to allow the tenant to decide what conveniences or capabilities they want. The modularity of Swidget’s Inserts also offers the tenant the option to easily swap sensors so the property can grow and change along with the tenant. For example, a young family may want to keep a camera Insert in their baby’s room as an additional baby monitor. However, as the child grows and requires their own privacy, they may want to swap the camera out for a night light, an air quality sensor, or a USB charger.

Decreasing Operational Costs

Smart home technology doesn’t need to only benefit the tenant. Maintenance costs, especially emergency maintenance calls, are the largest expense on a rental property, so any preventative maintenance or quick remediation action you can take will decrease those costs.

Temperature, Humidity and Indoor Air Quality sensors tied to bathroom fans and ERV units help to reduce moisture and improve air quality within the home, preventing issues like mold, dust mites and moisture damage.

Water Leak sensors can be used to alert of a water leak but furthermore, when paired with Swidget’s outlets, can be used to turn off the power to the appliance causing the leak (dishwasher, garbage disposal, washing machine, water heater, etc.), stopping the water flow from continuing.

Energy costs are on the rise and simple changes like smart outlets and switches can have a significant impact on reducing electricity usage and lowering overall costs (increasing NOI). Tenants can use Swidget’s Outlets and Switches to see how much electricity their appliances, lighting, and/or devices are using and create automations to turn receptacles off when not in use or when no one is home. If the property is vacant, operators can monitor key appliances in the home to ensure they are running optimally (and haven’t been stolen!).

It’s no surprise that Swidget's smart features are setting new standards in the rental industry. By integrating this innovative technology into your rental units, you're not only investing in a smart solution that adapts with your property, but you’re also ensuring a safer, more efficient environment, and creating a more enjoyable living experience for your tenants. The future of single-family rentals is undeniably smart, so why wait any longer?

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