Smart-Ready Switch

There’s more to it than just turning off and on #smartlighting

Installed using your existing wiring, the Swidget smart-ready Switch is a customizable switch specifically designed for lighting and fan applications. Snap in one of our Inserts for additional smart home functionality without the added clutter.

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Part Number: S16001WA

Input Power Rating: 125VAC, 5A

DC Output: 5VDC@2A

Type: 1P/3-way

Operating Temperature: -10˚ to 40˚C

Lamp Load:

  • LED: 250W
  • INC/HAL: 600W

NEMA: NEMA SSL 7A Compliant

Horsepower: 0.3HP

Color: White

Listed: c ETL us, UL1310, CSA C22.2 #223



Add technology, not clutter

With Swidget’s sleek design, you can fit your smart home technology right into your Switch. It won’t take up space on your counter, tabletop, or protrude from one of the receptacles. It gives you back both receptacles and allows you to fit furniture right against the wall. The technology, like a video camera, speaker, voice assistant, or emergency light is hidden in your Switch.


Change Inserts, not outlets

Install your Swidget Switch once, and as technology or needs change, just swap out the Insert without having to re-wire or re-install the Switch. Wi-Fi Control Inserts work with Alexa and Google Assistant.


One device, all platforms

Wi-Fi? Z-Wave? Zigbee? Now you don’t have to choose an exclusive smart home platform before you outfit your house only to change your mind later. Swidget has the ability to accept all smart home platforms, available now and in the future. The possibilities are endless. 


Control Your Switch With Your Voice

Voice assistants are all the rage these days and can make your life a lot easier. Simply “Ask Alexa” to turn on/off your lights that are connected with a Wi-Fi Control Insert.


Your smart home at your fingertips

Control your smart home with the free Swidget App for iOS or Android. Set schedules, get notifications, and monitor power consumption all in one place.

Installation of your Swidget Switch

Please follow the instructions instructions below or inside your Swidget Switch package.

If you aren’t comfortable replacing an outlet, talk to your electrician. Remember, always follow your local building code, and if you install the Swidget Switch yourself, get it inspected by a certified electrician.

Video Tutorials

Swidget Switch Installation Video
Swidget Insert Installation Video
Installing Swidget - Tools Needed

Tools Needed

Slot screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Long-nose pliers

Don’t Forget!

A neutral wire is required, it works with copper wiring only (no aluminum), always follow your local building code and if you install it yourself, get it inspected by a certified electrician to be safe.

Installing Swidget - Safety First

Safety First

Turn off power to the outlet (turn off the breaker).

Installing Swidget - Out With The Old

Out With The Old

Remove cover plate and outlet from wall and disconnect wires from outlet.

Installing Swidget - Get Wired

Get Wired

Straighten any bent wires. After that, connect the Swidget Outlet wires to existing wires (white to white; black to black).

Installing Swidget - Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded

Connect bare wire to Swidget ground screw (screw is green).

Installing Swidget - In With The New

In With The New

Install Swidget Outlet into wall box using existing screws. Attach wall plate with existing screws.

Installing Swidget - Power Up!

Power Up

Turn power back on and you’re all set!


Jonathan Boehman
Future proof your smart home
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Easy installation according to my electrician. The nice thing is that now I can swap out the module between the plugs for whatever I want—without having to shut off the fuse or call an electrician. When technology changes, there’s no need for a new plug—just grab a new module and switch it out yourself!
B. Sweet
Smart plug that doesn't look smart
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Smart plug that doesn't look smart. I just received my Swidget outlet and Wifi insert from backing the product on Kickstarter. I received three of them and have installed one so far. Was easy to install, as easy as a single pole smart light switch. Setting up an account was a breeze. Linking the device to the network was a breeze. Getting the device into Google assistant was a breeze. Minus 1 star because the color of the wifi insert doesn't exactly match the rest of the outlet, but hard to tell once items are plugged into the outlet.
This product is awesome
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This product is really cool and I love it! It works just fine!


The Swidget Switch operates as a single pole or multi-way Switch that can be installed using the existing wiring in your home. When paired with an Insert, it allows you to make your home a smart home without any clutter.