Notification Recipe: Save the contents of your freezer!

It’s common practice to stock up on food that is on sale or buy in bulk to save money; and with rising food prices it is even more worth while. Unfortunately, many people that have deep freezers fail to have mechanisms in place that will notify them of a malfunction or when the power goes out and as a result are at risk of having hundreds of dollars worth of food in their freezer spoil.

Sure, you can set up a smart outlet that measures power consumption and check in on it from time to time, but what happens when either the power goes out and your internet goes down, or the appliance breaks? Without internet you can’t check in to see if it is working or not.

The Swidget Power Out Insert is the perfect solution to help monitor any appliance – such as a freezer- whose malfunction or stoppage can have costly effects. Paired with a Swidget 15A or 20A Outlet- or any Swidget wiring device for that matter- and connected to a Wi-Fi network via the Swidget App, the Power Out Insert is capable of both sending a connection error notification when the internet is down and, once the power returns, letting you know how long it has been off. With this information you can take action to prevent the contents of your freezer spoiling, saving yourself frustration and money!

Follow the Connection Error and Power Restored Notification recipes to protect any appliance plugged into a Swidget 15A or 20A Outlet.

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