Notification Recipe: Motion Notification

Studies have shown that security is the number one driver behind smart home adoption.

Swidget’s smart home technologies offer a simple, affordable solution to protect you, your loved ones and your property compared to traditional security systems that are often expensive to install and have costly monthly monitoring fees.

Through passive or remote monitoring Swidget’s Motion Sensor detects occupancy and vacancy. With this information, the user can automate a variety of tasks that includes receiving a notification when occupancy or motion has been detected at which point they can take the appropriate action like viewing a security camera or asking a neighbour to check in on your place


This recipe notifies you when motion occurs when it is not supposed to so that you can take action.


Please note that due to varying electrical code regulations, Swidget cannot give device wiring/installation advice. Please refer to the instructions that came with your product or consult a certified electrician if you need help.


Device: Choose one
15A Outlet 20A Outlet Switch Dimmer Auxiliary Control Switch 20/40/60 Switch
Insert: Choose one
Control USB Guide Light Power Out Light Motion Temp/Humi Temp/Humi/ Motion Air Quality
Wi-Fi Z-Wave Zigbee

Skill Level


Time Required

5 minutes


1. First make sure that you have downloaded the Swidget App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and that you have installed one of the Swidget Devices and paired a Swidget Motion Sensor Insert.

2. From the main menu, select the Automations Icon

3. Click Create Automation or the + sign.

4. On the Automations page, click Rule and give your Automation a name.

5. Click the + sign beside Select Trigger and choose the Motion (  ) icon.

6. On the Select Trigger page, choose If room is… Occupied and enter 0 minutes for the duration. Click Continue.

7. Enable Send Notification.

8. Click Save Rule to have the Automation work all the time, or Add Start/End Times and/or specific days that you want to receive the notification.

Swidget Motion Sensor Inserts

An easy and affordable way to keep you, your family and your property safe.

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