Inside Swidget: The Common Question

I love talking Swidget. It has been a passion of mine since I first joined the Swidget team as Director of Sales for North America in September 2019.

While hosting close to 30 demo sessions weekly and interacting with partners, agents, and manufacturers from across the globe, the most common question I get is “Who is Swidget’s competition?”.

The simple answer to that question is “We have no competition”. 

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a pretty bold statement, Justin”. Allow me to explain why I am confident in saying that:

Justin Arghittu - Director of Sales, Swidget.
  1. There are no other modular smart home devices available on the market today. We are the ONLY product with this patented design for the coming years.
  2. We are future-proof. As new technologies emerge, you can simply replace your modular insert and upgrade to the new platform without having to replace the wired device.
  3. There are no other smart devices in the market that can provide you with supplementary functionality like Swidget. Our insert modules provide control AND additional functionality including:
    • Temperature – Humidity – Motion Sensor
    • Temperature – Humidity Sensor
    • Motion Sensor
    • Indoor Air Quality Sensor
    • USB Charger
    • Power Out Emergency Light
    • Guide Light
  4. Swidget devices measure power wattage accurately and in real-time.
  5. We are platform agnostic. Swidget integrates with other apps and connectivity platforms such as Google Home & Alexa.
  6. The Swidget App provides complete control and customization. Set notifications, schedules, scenes, and automations and know everything that is going on in your home such as:
    • When you are consuming the most power
    • How much power you are consuming
    • How long you have been consuming power
    • When you have lost power or connectivity

To put that into context, here is what your regular run of the mill smart home devices can do:

  • Control lighting, set schedules, scenes or automations.
  • Control appliances and other devices that are plugged into a 15Amp outlet.
  • Integrate with Alexa or Google.
Swidget Smart Solutions

As you can see, there is a vast difference between Swidget products and other smart home devices, and as such, it can be difficult to compare them. As the old saying goes, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Swidget is really in its own category and we’re proud of our position within the industry.

Before I sign off, I want to give you a sneak peak of what we have coming in the near future. Some of the products currently in development are:

  • Security sensor that measures sound, pressure and vibration changes
  • Motion with light intensity
  • Video camera
  • Wi-Fi Mesh
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Alexa speaker / microphone
  • Aromatherapy
  • IR / RF control
  • Radon detection

I am very excited about Swidget’s future and I welcome any questions you may have about our award winning company and any opportunity to demonstrate our products. Schedule a virtual demo and experience first-hand how Swidget can easily turn your house into an energy efficient Smart Home.

Justin Arghittu, Director of Sales, Swidget.

Justin has over 25 years of experience in the electrical manufacturing and distribution industry managing sales and marketing teams for companies such as ABB, WESCO, Intermatic and Beghelli Canada. 

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