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Control your smart home, download the Swidget App.

How It Works

How It Works - Install Swidget Outlet


Swidget Outlet

How It Works - Choose Your Function


Your Function

How It Works - Snap In and Insert


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How It Works - Download the Free App


The Free App

How It Works - Control Your Smart Home


Your Smart Home

Just ask Alexa or Google

Turn your lights or appliances On/Off with your favorite voice assistant.

Use IFTTT to create reactions

Connect Swidget with IFTTT and the possibilities really are endless.

Monitor your energy
consumption on-the-go

Know what you’re using and spending
from anywhere.

Download the Swidget App-Wi-Fi icon

Increase efficiency and convenience.

Connect your Wi-Fi enabled Swidget Insert to the Swidget App.

Download the Swidget App-Calibrate icon - grey

Calibrate the app.

Plug in the devices you want to monitor, to calibrate the Outlet properly and get the best data.

Download the Swidget App-Calendar icon

Control your environment from anywhere.

Forget to turn off the lights or iron? No problem. Turn appliances On or Off on the go with a tap of the app or set a schedule to make your appliances work for you.

Download the Swidget App-Notifications icon - grey

Make your life more flexible.

Know what’s happening in your home when you’re away by setting notifications to be sent to your phone. Did the power go out? Do you need to check the freezer? Did someone open your garage? Know everything


Power Where You Need It

Many smart outlets can’t handle the inductive loads of your favorite appliances (air conditioners, fans, pressure cookers), but Swidget Outlets can. So, make dinner while you’re at work. Free up your free time.

Control Your Home On-the-go

Download the free Swidget App for iOS or Android and enjoy your smart home.

Control Your Home On-the-go

Download the free Swidget App for iOS or Android and enjoy your smart home.

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