Have an idea for an insert? Become a developer.

Did learning about Swidget spark an idea for an Insert? Or do you have a smarthome technology or device you’d like to create an in-wall application for? 

We are here to encourage those awesome ideas. We’ve created a development kit just for you. Create Inserts safely and easily with our development kit. See below to learn how it works and buy your own kit.

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What’s In The Kit?

Swidget Outlet Simulation Board 
Utilizing the identical interface (electrically and mechanically) as the Swidget Outlet, this board simulates all the inputs and outputs available. This board can both be powered by a computer’s USB port directly, or from an external power supply.

Power Supply 
This 5V power supply provides the same 2A capability as the Swidget Outlet.

USB power monitor 
So that you can monitor the power being used by your prototype, a USB voltage and current monitor is included.

Test Cables 
An assortment of test cables is included with the kit, that easily allows you to connect with other development kits.

Blank Test Inserts 
When you’re ready to take the next prototype steps, we’ve included Blank Test Inserts complete with the interface circuit board and the Insert housing to allow you to test your design on the Simulation Board, or in an Outlet, while providing you with access to key internal test signals. 

Design Files 
Printed circuit board layouts and Insert housing CAD files are provided as part of the kit to allow you to easily create your Insert.


Become a developer. Buy a kit.  

Sky’s the limit! Let your imagination go and create the Insert that you want.

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